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Guinot Youth Perfect finish ( available in original and Doree )

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Replacing Guinot UV Shield, the exciting new Guinot Youth Perfect Finish Cream with SPF50 protection is a cross between the highly successful Guinot Creme Hydra Finish and the Guinot Newhite UV sheild SPF 50 making it the ultimate tinted moisturiser for the day.

This Moisturiser evens out skin complexion giving instant glow and radiance.

Helps protect from photo damage due to environmental aggressors and restores the skins DNA.

If used daily it evens out skin tone, minimises dark spots and restores firmness and youthfulness.

The Guinot cream releases colour upon contact with the skin to perfectly match every skin tone.

The content of the stabilised form of Vitamin C in the formula remains the key factor in treatment and prevention of hypo-pigmentation (age spots) and collagen production.

For all skin types the Guinot Youth Perfect Finish Cream should be applied every morning to the entire face using a light massage to ensure even skin tone. Apply it in dots around the face and work it into the skin evenly. For a heavier coverage repeat the application again if you feel there is a need fo

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